Book Promo Feature – One Little White Lie by Pricilla Bleik

Indie Book Promo is happy to welcome Pricilla Bleik to the blog! She’s here to share about her book, One Little White Lie. If this book sounds like the sort of book you would be interested in reading, please find some buy links below and pick up a copy or two.



When India Roman’s sister Cylia dreams of making it big and decides to enter the worldwide phenomenon that is the STAR singing competition, India is horrified. Cylia suffers from a number of anxiety disorders and India is convinced that her sister won’t be able to join the winding open-audition queue without having a major breakdown. A mother of two with a distant husband, India finds it difficult to feel sympathy for Cylia, particularly as her mother has always favoured her much younger sibling. However, fate steps in and Cylia somehow ends up on the edge of the stage, about to audition for two of the toughest critics on TV. What happens next is both shocking and life-changing for the entire family.

One Little White Lie is available:

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Pricilla Bleik is 38 years old and works in Asia in finance and business. She began writing as a Pricilla Bleikhobby after completing a diploma in creative writing, but decided to seek publication when an editor friend saw the synopsis for One Little White Lie and encouraged her to do so. In addition to spending her spare time writing, Pricilla is also an avid collector of art pottery, loves to travel with her husband, and has never once contemplated trying out for a talent show.

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CYLIA WAS STANDING OUTSIDE Bletchley bus station, frowning and staring pointedly at her watch. A clutch of large duffle bags was in a pile beside her. I was two minutes late.

‘This is crap,’ she called, as I pulled up to the kerb. ‘Jesus India, anything could have happened to me.’

I noticed she was trembling, her fists clenching and unclenching.

‘Calm down, Cylia. You’re perfectly fine.’

‘Don’t Cylia me, India.’ The tone was all Mum.

Cylia wasn’t her real name. Technically, she was Amelia Alison Castle. Dad had named her after his own mother and when he had absconded two months after her birth, Mum refused to call her Amelia and began calling her Cylia after her own mother. Presswick was Mum’s maiden name and had been mine too, because Mum and Dad weren’t married when I was born. They hadn’t bothered to change my name when they eventually tied the knot, but Cylia was legally Amelia Castle. Mum was definitely warped when it came to Dad: she hated anything to do with him, but had never filed for divorce, or tried to change Cylia’s name. You’d never think the woman had a degree in Physics from a redbrick uni.

‘I did tell Mum I had to take the twins to nursery,’ I explained, as my little sister threw herself into the car, leaving me to deal with the bags. Christ, how much luggage did she need for a short stay one hour from home?

‘Mum said to come early, just in case.’ The hysteria had subsided and she cast a practised eye around the car and scrunched up her nose. ‘How long since you cleaned in here?’ Cylia had recently been diagnosed with moderate obsessive-compulsive disorder. I hated cleaning so much that on hearing this, I wondered if there was a condition for what I had – terminal untidiness, perhaps.

Taking an aging takeaway coffee cup out of the holder in front of her, I threw it in the back seat. ‘Mum is good at organising others, pity she doesn’t check with them first.’

‘Mum always does her best, India.’ Cylia pouted and swivelled her head to observe some ramblers ambling along the roadside.

Ungrateful little wretch, I thought, not for the first time.

I wove my way through a couple of roundabouts and turned onto the long country road that led to Little Mitting. A lifetime of making concessions for Cylia’s ‘problems’, including being home-schooled alongside my sister so that Cylia wouldn’t be lonely, made it more and more difficult to feel sympathy for her.

Or even to like her.

‘What do you think of my chances at the audition?’

Given her fear of crowds, I didn’t believe she would hold it together for long enough to audition, so it was challenging to display any level of sincere interest. Nevertheless, I tried. ‘What are you going to sing, then?’

‘My vocal coach says I should do something jazzy.’

‘Vocal coach?’

‘Mrs Minton. You know, from across the road.’

Since when was that frizzy haired old lady with a banged-up piano who gave lessons for a fiver a vocal coach? And come on, jazzy? Although I didn’t watch talent shows with any level of commitment, I knew that STAR professed to be the international home of the undiscovered pop idol. Pop. Not jazz.

‘Are you sure that’s what STAR is looking for?’

Cylia’s perfect features crumpled. ‘Why? Crap, should I do something else? I’m not ready, am I? Everything will go wrong. Everyone will be prettier than me; they’ll look at me as if I am a freak. Oh crap, oh crap . . .’

Here we go. I could have kicked myself. What was I thinking? I knew better than to stress her out; it had been drummed into me for years and yet I still managed to ignite the crazy. ‘Calm down, sis. You’re twenty-one and gorgeous, which is why I thought you might do something a little more, err, youthful.’

‘Ella Fitzgerald is cool and indie; Mum says it will make me stand out.’

I gave up. As if Mum would know anything about a televised singing competition – her favourite TV programme was Countrywide. Yet, if I tried to change Cylia’s mind, her inner nutter would raise its ugly head again.

The sad truth was I would have to watch my sister bravely make her way into the mouth of STAR and get savaged. Mum was completely gaga to have encouraged it. The girl couldn’t travel on National Express for over an hour without freaking out, so how in hell was I supposed to persuade her to actually mount the STAR stage? She might insist she wants to do it, but once she gets there . . .

‘What are you going to wear then?’

The expression on her beautiful face remained sour. ‘That’s another problem. Mum bought me too many outfits. Now I have to choose.’ She looked across at me. ‘You’ll help me choose.’ It was a demand, not a question, but I was more focussed on the words bought me too many outfits.

‘Has Mum come into some money, then?’


‘All those new outfits?’

Cylia nonchalantly waved the question away. ‘Oh, I don’t know.’

I wished Mum would get a grip, or at least stop hitting me up for cash and then spending it on useless stuff for Cylia. Those dresses meant yet another massive overspend on Mum’s overdraft and in a month or so, the bank statement would come, and Mum would be on the phone, instructing me to do my duty as a daughter and sister and pay the minimum ‘just this once’. This year alone, ‘just this once’ had ballooned to five payments. Phil would go spare if he knew that the cash I took out for the organic vegetable market was, in fact, going to support Mum’s ‘Cylia’ habit. Of course, he might discover the secret credit cards first, and then there wouldn’t be anything to worry about, because he’d kill me for that and I’d obviously be dead before the vegetable lie was revealed.

After driving for a few miles in silence, we eventually pulled into my drive.

‘Not sure I can do this, Ind,’ Cylia said, grey eyes focused on her perfectly manicured nails. I wondered how much it cost Mum to have a beautician come to the house to do them.

‘Of course you can.’ Patting her hand in fake assurance, I wondered what Mum would do if I just sent Cylia home again, with instructions to return all those pricey clothes for a refund.

Go mad was the answer.

Helen appeared next to the passenger door.

‘Ahhhhh!’ Cylia screamed, seeing the figure staring in at her.

‘Calm down, that’s just my neighbour.’ I got out of the car. ‘Hi Helen.’ The poor woman was still holding the air rifle. ‘I thought he came home last night?’

Book Promo Feature – Forbidden Fruit – Forbidden Love Novella Vol 1 by 10 Bestselling Authors

Indie Book Promo is happy to welcome Olivia Linden and the other authors of the Anthology she is involved in. Olivia is here to share about Forbidden Fruit. If this book sounds like the sort of book you would be interested in reading, please find buy links below.

Also keep in mind that Volume 2 of this book will be released on April 15th

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From some of Today’s Bestselling Authors comes this Anthology of Forbidden Love Novellas.

1601232_10152152790524413_766367917_nTitle: Forbidden Fruit Vol. 1
Price: $.99 (for a limited time)
* One Hot Summer by Lisa M Harley
* Weakness by Missy Johnson
* Try Me by Stacey Lynn
* Educate Me by Lexi Buchanan
* Inadmissible Attraction by Rebecca Brooke
* Secret Obsession by Olivia Linden
* Strictly Off Limits by Jessica Hawkins
* Lock & Key by RS Grey
* The Naughty Au Pair by Janice Baker
* In Too Deep by Morgan Jane Mitchell.


Forbidden Fruid can be purchased:

Amazon   |   Barnes & Noble

Warning: Over 18+ only due to explicit sexual content.

Strictly Off Limits by Jessica Hawkins
“You’re off limits, Alexandra, but you’re a beautiful girl. I can’t promise I won’t fantasize about you . . . sometimes when you’re right in front of me.”
Alexandra James spends her spring break working for her father’s best friend and finds herself in an unusual – but sexy – predicament. Dean Brittany is attracted to his new temp, but 18-year-old Alexandra is strictly off limits.

In Too Deep by Morgan Jane Mitchell
“I’m going to fix you Loraine. I know what you need… you’ve never been with a real man. You need to let a man take charge for a change.”
Loraine has no problem getting what she wants from a new man every night but has never let one in… literally. Rick needs it multiple times a day but has never kissed a woman, on the mouth that is… When two sex addicts agree to cure each other so they can be with other people, will they get in too deep?

The Naughty Au Pair by Janice Baker
“Angelina, my dirty little French Au Pair.”
Falling for her married employer wasn’t Angelina’s plans at all. Nor was asking him to leave his wife for her. When Gordon asks her to wait just a little while longer, will Angelina’s desires lead her to another man? Gordon’s step-son to be exact. Angelina’s decision to follow her heart might just make her a very naughty au pair.

Inadmissible Attraction by Rebecca Brooke
“From the moment you walked into the courtroom, I wanted to run my hands all over
your body and taste every inch of you.”
When Nora agrees to attend her siblings custody case, the last thing she expects is to meet the extremely attractive Jackson Garnes. The problem? He’s her father’s divorce attorney. Will Nora give into Jackson’s attempts to get her in his bed or will she hold herself captive by her inadmissible attraction?

One Hot Summer by Lisa M. Harley
“Whatever you say, Mrs. Mason. It won’t happen again.” He mumbled under his breath, “Until you ask for it.”
AnaBelle Mason is a lonely widow trying to run the farm her husband left her. Tray Thompson is a college student majoring in beer and girls. Will One Hot Summer together change their lives forever?

Lock & Key by R.S. Grey
“Come for me, you belong to me.” His words were vile, but his voice was smooth and
his fingers were impossible to argue with.”
Journalist Kate Winters is on assignment in Kosovo when she’s captured by rebel forces… but she soon learns that it’s not the low-ranking guards she should fear. They’re nothing compared to their leader–dangerous, sinfully sexy, Adam, whose main purpose is to extract information from her by any means possible.

Secret Obsession by Olivia Linden
“Don’t ever,” he began, grinding his hips into her with force, plunging into the depths of her body until she could take not more. “..turn away from me again. Your mine.”
When two lost souls find each other, nothing can be sweeter. Or, more forbidden. Finn Walters does his best to ignore his attraction to Sylvia Davis. She’s tempting, but off limits. The problem is that she wants him too, and when she makes the first move, nothing can stop him from taking what he wants. Lines get crossed, blurred and scratched down his back when they both give into their mutual desires.

*   *   *

Excerpt from Secret Obsession by Olivia Linden

“Thank you so much, Finn. God knows how long I would have been out here trying to get that damn tire off.” Her voice was filled with gratitude and Finn smiled in response. Even her voice was alluring. Sweet with a touch of huskiness.

“No problem, really. I’m just glad I found you. I like to make rounds on the surrounding roads of the ranch before I head home at night. Do you always come this way?” Finn wondered at her level of common sense and waited for an answer.

“No, not usually, but I had a long day and just wanted a change of scenery. Should have known better than to deviate from the script.” Sylvia shook her head with her last statement. He didn’t know if she meant to be funny but he couldn’t help but laugh at her sour expression. Sylvia narrowed her eyes at him as he chuckled.

“So, my tragedy is your comedy?” She asked with a raised brow. Now she was just sexy, and he continued to grin. There was a moment where something flashed between them. A wall crumpled and they connected, no longer familiar strangers.

“Not at all. Just glad I could jump in when your script went awry. Do you usually stick to the script?” He didn’t really mean to flirt, but he couldn’t help it.

“No.” A simple answer with a big meaning. Sylvia let her desire show in her eyes, no longer holding back.

“No?” Finn asked in an attempt to draw her out further. They were dancing around the fire now. Just close enough to feel the heat of the flames.

“Sometimes I deviate. Like today. Like right now.” With that she reached out, running her fingers through his soft, silky hair and gently tugging to pull him closer. Finn struggled to maintain his cool, fighting the urge to put his hands all over her.

“Sylvie,” he whispered hoarsely. Part warning, part plea for mercy. He wasn’t a saint and feeling her touch was too much for him to ignore. His dick was hard and his rational mind was mush. Both hands were planted firmly on the seat around each thigh, his thumbs inching towards the heat of her flesh.

“Finn,” she responded, nuzzling her face against his, deeply inhaling his scent. It drove her almost crazy that way he called her ‘Sylvie’. Sylvia felt him grinning against her cheek and couldn’t resist. She sought out her favorite dimple and lightly traced it with her tongue, relishing the taste of his slightly salty skin.

Finn groaned at the feel of her tongue hot against his cheek. All the lustful thoughts that he’d had of her over the last few weeks, swirled around his mind. He shouldn’t let this happen. He should pull away and advise her to walk away. Then they could go back to ignoring each other. Those rational thoughts were faint, and his desire was strong. She was so close, her body heat teasing him as she continued to look into his eyes with such conviction. “Fuck it!” Finn swore and shoved both hands up the side of her skirt, roughly grasping at her thighs, and pulling her towards him.

*   *   *

487560_356367944451050_1473148367_nOlivia Linden Bio:

Olivia Linden, a native New Yorker, was raised between Queens and San Antonio, TX. Currently living in Florida, she decided it was time to follow her dreams of becoming a full time author. Her creative itch began when her elementary school principal posted one of her stories in the halls of her school. She was only seven at the time, but old enough to understand how integral writing would be to her future. From that moment on, reading and writing became her two greatest passions.

Olivia is a newbie to the industry, but she hasn’t stopped writing since she found her literary voice all those years ago. Jaded Hearts, her first published novel, mixes her big personality, with a sexy yet humorous tone. It is her philosophy that laughter is essential to making it through even the toughest situations.

Find your passion with The Jaded Hearts Series by Olivia Linden.

 Olivia can be found:

Email  |  Website  |  Amazon Author Page 

Goodreads  |  Twitter

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