Interview with Kevin Thomas, author of Forgotten Truths

Indie Book Promo is happy to welcome Kevin Thomas to the blog. He’s the author of Forgotten Truths. He’s here to answer some of our questions and to share about his book. If this book interests you, please find a buy link below and pick up a copy or two.

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IBP – Try to describe your book in one sentence.

Kevin – A high-speed thriller with a staggering climax.


IBP – Tell me a little about yourself

Kevin – I’m a 16 year old male author and I’ve been reading and writing all my life, I study English Literature, Creative Writing and Media Studies. My favourite books are thrillers; my favourite thing to write is everything.


IBP – Did you always had in mind to be a writer or it just happened?

Kevin – I always loved to read and write, but I didn’t think I could ever be a writer; I never thought I had it in me and was afraid people would laugh at me if I even attempted it. One day though I thought I’d just go for it, one thing led to another and without me even realising I had a book out for sale – so it just happened.


IBP – Do you write at a laptop/desktop or do you write freehand?

Kevin – When I’m writing my novels I write then solely on my desktop for organization and because of how much quicker the process is. If I have a sudden idea I’ll write it down free-hand to later type up on my computer, I also use the notes section on my phone to remind myself of parts I need to clean up and edit.


IBP – What is it you love most about writing? What’s the hardest part of writing for you?

Kevin – The part I love most is creating and developing my characters, you grow to know them and see their world through their eyes, and you pick everything about them from looks to attitude – it’s the best part of writing for me because its part that takes most of my thought and brings out the height of my creativeness. The hardest part of writing for me is writing about social issues, I voice my opinions through description and things my characters say, sometimes I worry if my opinion will offend anyone in some way. I usually put it in out of gut-instinct anyway.


IBP – Who is your favourite character in your new release?

Kevin – My favourite character in Forgotten Truths is the protagonist Amelia; she literally goes through hell and back. She’s sensible and knows how to cope with bad situations, but is also kind-hearted, likeable and knows how to sympathise with other people. Amelia represents strength, and I like that in a character.


IBP – What is your writing schedule?

Kevin – I come home from college and sit at my computer and tell myself I will write 2,000 words in the night. I’ll split up the words into 500 an hour until I’m done. I don’t usually go past 10pm but sometimes, no matter what time, if there is something that I know needs to go in the book right that moment, I’ll stop what I’m doing to write.


IBP – Where do you get your inspiration?

Kevin – From anywhere I can. I’ll look around at stuff happening around me and will literally be able to shape it into a different idea in my own way. I also take inspiration from many writers; my inspiration for Forgotten Truths was crime writer Chris Carter. He inspired me to research more into the background of criminal mind and activity and begin writing my book.


IBP – What book is currently on your nightstand?

Kevin – Hector and the Search for Happiness by François Lelord. It’s a great little quirky book and unlike anything I’ve ever read. It’s simply written but seems to be so captivating, it questions happiness and what the key to living a happy life is. You go on this journey around the world with Hector and you can’t help but wonder what really the key to happiness is. If you have time you should check it out.


IBP – How important do you find the communication between you and your readers? Do you reply to their messages or read their reviews?

Kevin – In my opinion communication with readers is essential, I’ve got a twitter account which I speak to my readers on and I am able to communicate with them about anything to when my next book is out to why I used a certain word in a certain part of the book. I read any reviews I get and if the reviewer has messaged me I will thank them sincerely because it really is the best thing you can do for a writer. I think communication is so good because after my readers read my book they won’t have any unanswered questions because they can contact me in seconds.


IBP – Do you ever run into someone who says “You write WHAT?”

Kevin – All the time, because I’m so young people don’t expect me to be writing about crime and sensitive issues such as child abuse. I usually just laugh the question off because it would take me forever to explain why I want to write the ‘what’. When it all comes down to it, it doesn’t matter what my age is because if I have a view on something or if a certain topic bothers me, I’ll write about it.


IBP – Are you working on anything new and if so when can we expect to see it?

Kevin – I’m currently working on my new novel ‘Threes a Crowd’. The novel will be lengthy compared to my first one and it tackles the issue of child abuse, it is told from the view-point of the teenager Simon. It shows how important friendship and how as people we need to stick together through the rough. I’m coming up close to finishing the novel, but there is much work to be done with editing and proof-reading which will then take another few months. I’d expect it to be out in 4-6 months.

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Fear your past … Fear your future. It’s a grey morning in the city of London, a predictable day for all … but one. Amelia Gizzard discovers her twin sister has fallen victim to murder, leaving a daughter behind … the young June Gizzard. Unable to come to terms not only her sister’s death but also the behaviour of others around her, Amelia seeks answers. But when June exceeds the bounds of reason and reveals her true colours, Amelia must escape. Now the subject of a criminal enquiry Amelia must salvage past memories and piece them together. Can she do this while being hunted by the police, and pursued by her family’s evil history? Will she return to her roots to uncover what has been kept from her for so many years, or will she share the same fate as her sister?

Forgotten Truths is available on Amazon

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My name is Kevin Thomas and I am a 16 year old male author living in the UK. Reading and writing have always been a passion of mine since I was around four years old, I always aspired to be an author and ended up writing my debut novel and publishing it when I was 15. I have so far completed two novels and am coming close to finishing my third.

Kevin can be found on Facebook and Twitter

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Shock amplified in her body, heavy rain frizzed her short messy hair. How long had she sat motionless on the ground? “Amelia, speak to me!” Elnora pleaded through the strident storm. A spark of lightning flickered, followed by a roaring thunderclap. Amelia looked to her right – suddenly her worst nightmare had come to physical form. Standing at the gates stood the same men who’d gunned down her artificial father, presenting a barrier with their large piggish bodies. Terror moulding her face she quickly glanced left. “Amelia Gizzard, you are ordered to remain where you are.” A voice echoed through speakers in the hands of a policeman. It was not a pretty sight; three riot vans parked perfectly behind four police cars. They stood together in the centre of the spotlight. The helicopter was doing a repeated circle. No chance of escape, she knew that. “Are those the people, who killed him?” Elnora whispered. She didn’t reply. “I’m sorry, Amelia.” “If only you meant it,” she said bitterly. “I mean it, I am.” “This isn’t the time or place for apologies; you can talk to my sorry ass when it’s in jail.” “That won’t happen, because you’re innocent.” “So, now you think I’m innocent?” “I don’t think, I know.” “You don’t mean that.” Amelia stated bluntly. “Amelia … I want you to listen very carefully to me.” Again she didn’t reply. “Amelia, do you trust me?” “I don’t know.” “Well, you need to, because times running short!” “I … I can’t.” “Do you trust me; do you want to get away from here alive?” Silence. “Amelia!” “Okay. I trust you.” Amelia sighed, she was tired of it all, she just wanted rest. Elnora put a wrinkled hand into her Gucci handbag, but what she took out was totally unexpected. Amelia staggered backwards. Elnora caught her, then twisted her arm very slowly. Her wrinkled hand moved ever so slightly and Amelia’s eyed widened in horror at the touch of a cold object against her neck.

Interview with Christopher Paul Meyer, author of Icarus Falling

Indie Book Promo is happy to welcome Christopher Paul Meyer. He is the author of Icarus Falling and is here to answer some of our questions and to share about his book. If this book sounds like something you would be interested in reading, please find a buy link below and pick up a copy or two.


IBP – Tell us about your new release?


Christopher – I was put on this planet to be an actor. Or so I thought. My thinking changed after one horrific audition that cost me $80,000. I ended up bouncing in Los Angeles nightclubs for the next few years. Icarus Falling is the memoir I wrote to try to understand the violence, the heartbreak and characters that filled the neon jungle I worked in – and figure out why the hell I put up with it all.


IBP – Tell me a little about yourself


Christopher – I’m a native New Yorker. I’ve been a bouncer, prison chaplain, actor, soldier, firefighter and stand-up comic. I’ve also managed to write five screenplays, of which three were optioned or commissioned. I was at the World Trade Center during the 9/11 attacks and I’ve had to live in my truck for several prolonged periods of my life. That’s my past. My present is much more boring. Wife, kid, dog. When I’m not writing, I try to get my blood up doing as much Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and improv comedy as I can.


IBP – What started you on your journey to be a writer?


Christopher – Failing at everything else was a good start. I’m semi-serious. It did motivate me that I didn’t have much to show for all my risk-taking and adventures. Writing was a way of making my life have some meaning, besides littering my resume with dead ends and false starts. I am a firm believer that every writer needs a large degree of unrequited ambition. But then I’ve only written one book, so why are you listening to me?


 IBP – What’s your current guilty pleasure?


Christopher – I love improv because it’s just about the only creative (as opposed to interpretive) performance art. I love jiu-jitsu because it’s such a physical chess match. So any months I manage to hit the mats or the stage is a good month.


IBP –  Who is you mentor? Who do you look up too?

Christopher - Gordon Grice is a phenomenal author. If you don’t know his stuff, you should. I’ve been incredibly lucky to have him give my stuff a once-over. There are other really sharp folks I should mention – Billy Mernit and Lisa Cron stand out – who have made a lasting impact on me as a writer. And I have to thank Christine Schutt who first got me into this mess of a profession I was 16. So it’s all her fault. All of them have the rare quality of being as good teachers and mentors as they are writers.


IBP – How long did it taken you to write your current book ?

Christopher – The bulk of the book was written in four months. I was in a rare situation. I was taking care of my father and had to take medical leave from work. So I’d take care of my dad all day and write at night. To write about shimmering miniskirts, thumping bass lines and drunk Armenians while I was basically in isolation in the apartment with my dad was a study in cognitive dissonance for me.


IBP –  Which scenes were the hardest to write?

Christopher – The scenes detailing my relationship with Kacey were the hardest. I actually enjoyed how emotional I got writing them – it felt therapeutic to walk through our relationship and recall our words and actions down to minute details, as best I could. But it also brought back a wave of feelings I hadn’t addressed in years. Now I sound like I’m next up on Dr. Phil.


IBP –  Why did you choose the genre you write in?

Christopher – I almost didn’t. I had been planning to write about my time as a nightclub bouncer for years – I just didn’t know what would capture the experience the best. Should I write it as fiction? What about short stories? What about a screenplay? What about writing a polemic based on the lessons I learned in the club about force and violence?


To break the analysis paralysis I just started writing down every experience I could remember. And I realized that I didn’t understand why I worked there, or the people I met or the romantic relationships that collapsed on me. Before I knew it, that was the book – figuring it all out.


It was important to me to be honest, especially about myself, because it would have been really easy to write a book where I bragged about being a tough guy or getting laid a lot. But I realized there were themes in the book – Christianity, manhood, heroism – that ran much deeper than I initially wanted to go. So I tried to answer how each of them played a role in the superficial and irrelevant world of the nightclub.


I should also say that I tried to be equally as honest about recording what I remembered about others. I had to be willing to piss people off – and these were people I had worked with, people that had fight alongside me, people I’d fallen in love with. So I read enough Orwell to get my honesty meter buzzing, bit my lip and started typing.


How’s that for a long answer to a short question?


IBP –  Where do you get your inspiration?

Christopher – Too many places. Everything interests me. This is probably the only book I’ll ever write where I draw as nakedly from my own life. I’ve got a list of twenty or so projects in various states of development. I’ve got folders for each of them and when I hear, see or think of something, I’ll throw a line of dialogue, a character, or a theme into each folder. At some point down the road, I’ll take the time to jigsaw it all together.


IBP –  Are there any particular books and/or authors that inspired you and continue to do so?

Christopher – George Orwell is always an inspiration to me. He lived many lives and wrote honestly about them with distinct self-criticism, even when writing fiction. He is kind of a touchstone for me. David Mamet is a giant, especially for his dialogue. Dashiell Hammett, of course, is candy for noir authors. Writers who can say a lot with a little are heroes of mine.


IBP – Where can your fans find you ?


Christopher – The catch-all is my website, From there you can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and Goodreads, or just shoot emails/comments at me. You can also reach out via my Amazon author page.


IBP –  If you could write with anyone who would that be and why?

Christopher – This is an answer that could change every day, but right now, I’ll say Dorothy Parker. Simply because, too often, my writing needs a female perspective, succinct phrasing and a surprise in every sentence.


IBP –  What projects are you currently working on right now? Would you mind sharing them with us? 

Christopher – My dad was a writer. For fifty years he labored and saw very little literary success. So I’m fixing that. I’m currently collecting, editing and putting a polish on 12 short stories he wrote. Right now, it seems like the collection will be on Amazon by the end of summer. Of course, most of Dad’s time was spent on the great American novel that he never saw come to light. In my last real conversation with him, I promised him I’d bring that goat to market. That’s gonna take a bit longer, but, barring something eventful, I want to have it on Amazon by the end of the year.

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“…a fascinating, punchily written chronicle…[Meyer’s] engaging style and nuanced character portraits make this book a fast and loose Canterbury Tales…A memoir with humor, compassion, and a sharp eye for detail…” – Kirkus Reviews


Icarus Falling is available from Amazon

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funny face picBio : Christopher Paul Meyer writes noir and nonfiction. He is a former bouncer, firefighter, soldier, actor and prison chaplain. He has also written five screenplays, three of which were optioned and/or commissioned. When he’s not writing, he can be found practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, performing improv comedy or boring his family with rants about neoconservatism and other polysyllabic words.










I felt her warm, naked ass press against me as the hot water spilled over us. The hot women and the cool job. The sex and the drama. It was the life that I’d wanted. It was a life I owed to the club. Sure, I could leave it all behind, but that felt too much like failure and I’d failed enough in LA already. LA owed me. LA was like this beautiful painting that I could only see afterhours through the museum window. It was like a Firebird blasting some catchy tune until the light turns green and it speeds off, leaving me stuck with Katy Perry in my head the rest of the day. LA had promised me a lot and it had paid off very fucking little. I wasn’t leaving until I had collected. I wasn’t leaving until LA finished remaking me into someone better than who I was when I got here.

So I did something I hadn’t done since I first got to LA. I prayed. I prayed for just enough strength, stamina and health to stay a little while longer in the black lights and wallow in the adrenaline bath. I hoped God was cool with it. But even if He wasn’t, I didn’t care. After all, if He had been doing His job, I should have been a fucking movie star by now.


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