Book Promo Feature – Hot Basque by Laurette Long

Indie Book Promo is happy to welcome Laurette Long to the blog. She’s here to share about her book, Hot Basque. If this book sounds like something you would be interested in reading, please find buy links below and pick up a copy or two.

HOT-BASQUE-Def-page0001Three women, three passions.
It’s summer once again in Biarritz and Caroline is trying out her matchmaking skills. She’s invited best friend Jill to come for a holiday and meet a certain man she has in mind. Caroline and Edward found true love in the Villa’s magical setting one year ago, so who knows what might happen when Jill O’Toole meets Antoine Arantxa?
The table is set, the candles are lit, the guests arrive. Two seconds is all it takes. Stand back for the instant sizzle, the red-hot flambé, the spicy chilli samba! Our man is a sexy Basque, as hot as the famous local peppers, while Jill, with her red Irish hair and voluptuous curves, is no shrinking violet. Plus her hormones haven’t had a night out for six months.
As playtime starts at the Villa, there’s fun in store and not a cloud on the horizon. Best of all, scheming sister Annabel is now living in Germany. No way she can cause trouble this year, she has a new life as wife and mother. She’s busy becoming a society matron, getting to know Julian’s colleagues and their wives.
And welcoming a new member of the group.
He’s handsome, rich, Italian and has a passion for fast cars.
His name is Claudio.

Hot Basque can be purchased from Amazon


BiarritzI was born in the UK, near Brontëland. Graduating from the University of Leicester with a degree in English, I taught in the USA, UK and France, where I now live.
My first forays into fiction writing (age seven) give a hint of literary influences and reveal a distinctive style. ‘The Phantom Ghost Girl of Raven Castle’ begins: ‘‘Vicky Dare, the girl detective and her big Alsatian, Rex…”, then stops. ‘The Ruined Cottage’ is longer (“…it was a favourite haunt of mine and I never grew tired of it.”) In ‘The adventures of Carlotta’ “…she dashed to the door her face white with horror” while, surprisingly, in ‘The Secret at the Ball’ “…a secret compartment was revealed! There glittering lay the Lane jewels!”
(Yes, I am a hoarder, incapable of parting with dog-eared notebooks.)
Aged ten, I developed a passion for the theatre, and as a teacher wrote plays for students. ‘A Midsummer’s Nightmare’, where Shakespeare’s lovers get into time warps in the wood, meeting Dracula and Little Red Riding Hood, was a tricky favourite. Everyone wanted to play Dracula. I had to wield authority. (Those with pointed canines had an advantage).Later, unable to find a textbook suitable for adult ESL students, I wrote one myself. Beguiled by a work of French literary criticism about American writers in Paris, I had a go at translating it.
(Hoarder, bossy, dilettante.)
Recently the ghosts of Vicky Dare and Carlotta gave me a nudge and I returned to fiction writing. ‘Biarritz Passion’, A French Summer Novel Book 1.As an Amazon fan I decided to have a go at self-publishing. What a memorable four hours that was…being a complete non-techie, I needed a chocolate fix and a lie-down after the upload to KDP. That was in 2014 and in May this year (2015) I self-published Book 2 in the series, ‘Hot Basque’. Both books were inspired by the French Basque country and its magic. (Go see!) Book 3 is in preparation.

Laurette can be found on her blog and Goodreads


Jill stepped out of the cubicle, tugging down her swimsuit, and came face to face with the full length mirror at the end of the ladies changing rooms. She barely repressed a gasp of sympathetic horror. Jesus if that’s what these aquagym folks looked like she was certainly going to get a boost to her ego. She turned round as casually as she could for a closer look at the poor freak behind her.
The changing room was empty.
She swung round in the direction of the mirror again, leaned forward, blinked, and leapt back. The freak was herself!
Surely she hadn’t looked like that when she tried on her swimming kit in the bathroom of her flat a couple of weeks ago? Of course, her mirror wasn’t full length, and it was one of those rather flattering ones, the same sort they had in expensive boutiques, the ones that persuaded you that your derrière had shrunk to Kylie Minogue proportions thanks to that cute little black number you’d just tried on, the one with the four-figure price tag.
She advanced cautiously, turned to the right, then to the left. She was positively bulging out of her Speedo swimsuit! She really had to cut down on the G and Ts. And the chocolate biscuits. She turned full face again. An alien with the head of a fly had been grafted on top of her shoulders. No wonder she’d had all that trouble in the changing room, pushing and shoving to get her thick mop inside the small slithery rubber cap that kept shooting off one side of her head as soon as she’d managed to tug it down on the other. A bit like one of those old fashioned diaphragm thingies that women used to wear for contraception. She’d actually come across one at the back of her own mother’s drawer, shock horror, all dried up and yellow with age. Well it would be, she supposed it had been a while since Kathleen O’Toole had been needing it. Five strapping boys and finally the hoped-for girl. Her mother had been forty-five when Jill was born and on the point of giving up. She supposed the diaphragm had been chucked into its box as soon as Kathleen had got out of hospital and told Jerry O’Toole that if he didn’t get the snip Kathleen was going home to her mother in Dublin. Forever.
And now here was Jill, no longer a cute baby but a hefty thirty-something, ready for her first aqua gym class, wearing her mother’s old diaphragm on her head and a swimsuit two sizes too small. She tugged the Speedo up, then down, trying to cover her buttocks and her boobs. It became obvious she’d have to accept that one of those two areas was going to be on display. Better the buttocks, she decided, after all they’d be under water for most of the time whereas if her boobs were popping over the top she’d probably put the men off their stride.
Men…were there any men in the class? She suddenly realised there was no one else in the changing rooms, that was funny. Maybe there were no women in the class, just her and a group of hairy males all having the same problem trying to get their bits inside their Speedos. Did they have to wear the funny hats too? Perhaps there’d be some prime specimens, all sleek muscles and washboard abs, like that Florent what’s his name, the one in the Olympics with the cute dimples.
No Jill, enough of that, she told herself sternly. Antoine is waiting for you, in his wetsuit, with his smouldering eyes and sexual techniques known only to the Basque nation.
In spite of her Nordic hill walking and her sessions at the gym, she had decided that more drastic measures were needed if she was going to be the Belle of Biarritz in June. She needed toning, as well as developing her heart and lungs, which both seemed to be in pretty good shape, especially her lungs, she thought, yanking at her swimsuit again. Apparently aquagym was the answer. Lots of stretching and tightening up those flabby thighs and bingo wings, twirling those funny pink and blue foam thingies that looked like giant noodles. It would be fun! She’d rummaged round until she found her old swimsuit from college and popped into Aquasports R Us to look at swimming caps. The snotty young assistant had said no, the cap with devil’s horns would not go down well at an aquagym class. These young ones, no sense of humour. Miss Snootyface had informed her that what she needed was a slippery scrap of rubber which was the only device tight enough to prevent the least drop of water getting onto her hair and ruining its colour. Did she by any chance want to stop being a red-head and opt for green hair the texture of a horse’s dinner? Of course she didn’t.
Snootyface had omitted to mention that it needed ten minutes and steel talons to snap the thing in place and that not only did it keep the bloody chlorine out, it also, in a reverse or perverse action that probably had something to do with thermodynamics, was so eye-wateringly tight that it forced every brain cell downwards to the chin area making the wearer resemble Benny Hill.
She became aware of a sudden loud, regular tick. The clock over the door said 12h40. Fast, obviously. The class started at 12h30. But in that case, a small voice inside her head told her, why was the ladies changing room empty except for her?
She was late for her first class. Sweat broke out. Perhaps she could just sneak in, slide into the pool without anyone seeing? She pushed open the door into the shower room, hurried along to the end.
Uh oh. She could hear the voice of the instructor going on about ‘drop that head down, feel its weight, now turn slowwwwly to the left, now slowwwwly to the right…’
They’d started. She’d probably get a belt with a rubber hose or something. She hurried out into the pool area, tottering down the wet steps, careful, don’t want to fall smack on your increasingly exposed buttocks now, do you Jillian Benedicta? There seemed to be rather a lot of people down there in the pool. She got to the bottom of the steps, was making her way as unobtrusively as possible to the water’s edge when a voice rang out:
What? Was someone talking to her? The class had come to a standstill in the water, all eyes were on Jill in her Speedo and her diaphragm. The instructor had turned, hands on hips. And what hips! Jill couldn’t help marvelling at those toned slender meercat items dropping down to equally toned slender thighs and going up to, well she didn’t have much in the boob department, but Jill supposed that was what you looked like if you were a sports fanatic.
Or maybe it was the lycra. Her eyes, fascinated, got stuck on the instructor’s outfit. Pure, poured-on lycra. You could even see, well, she didn’t want to linger on the bit between the instructor’s legs, frankly it left nothing to the imagination, she wondered how anyone could have the nerve–
Jill lifted one side of her diaphragm.
‘You obviously haven’t been through the showers. Your swimsuit–’ the instructor gave a little sneer ‘–is bone dry. Didn’t you read the instructions?’
‘Oh. Er. Sorry. Sorry. ’
Jill fled back up the steps, turned on the cold water and gave herself a vigorous soak adding a few loud gasps for authenticity.
This time when she ventured to the edge of the pool she was able to step delicately down the steps and join her fellow aquagymers.
They were obviously regulars. The warm-up had finished, they were all leaping up into the air like Icelandic geysers, arms rigid at the sides, pushing down the water with their flattened palms. Jill joined in, jumping as energetically as she could ‘and push that water and push that water…’ She felt a kick in the back of her leg, turned around. A senior citizen in a cap covered in fake roses was glaring at her. Where was her diaphragm? In fact there were quite a few non-diaphragm pieces of headgear, now she looked. She’d have been better in the devil’s horns. Rosebonnet was saying something, over the sound of splashing.
‘Forward! Move forward!’ she hissed, in between jumps.
‘Oh sorry,’
Jill realised her energetic leaps had been taking her towards the back of the pool. She waded forward, gave another leap, then realised the exercise had changed, now they were all swinging their upper body from left to right, arms extended. Was that a snigger she heard from Rosebonnet? A knobbly finger gave her a karate chop below the ribs but the woman next to her had already swung round the other way. They were feral, this lot. Jill hopped a bit further to the left, started swinging, feeling her waist muscles give a nice satisfying tug.
Ten minutes later she was definitely getting the hang of it. It was a bit tougher than she’d thought, she’d asked the girl at reception what sort of level she ought to start with, intermediate or advanced? But the receptionist had smiled sweetly and suggested that maybe she could try ‘Beginners’, she could always move up to Intermediate and Advanced once she saw how she got on.
Beginners! Jill had capitulated, with bad grace. Now, in the brief moments when they were relaxing and deep-breathing she had time to do a quick recce of her fellow aquagymers. They were all, with one exception, senior citizens. And all, with one exception, female. There was one ancient wheezing grandad at the back, with sagging breasts and a gold necklace. The only other person who looked to be remotely Jill’s age was at the front of the class, under the watchful eye of Lycra-woman, and was heavily pregnant.
‘OK, floats!’
A pink noodle hit her on the head, then a blue one, good job they were made of foam but still she’d sensed a certain hostility in the way they had been hurled in her direction by a wizened old prune of ninety.
‘Everyone on their backs, legs together, flex those feet, now to the count of eight, scissor those legs, keep your back straight, tummy up, feel those tummy muscles working.’
Oh they were working alright. By the time she’d done two sets of eight Jill was puffing and panting like a steam engine. Around her the grannies carried on, scissoring fit to cut a rug, flashing their false teeth at Lycra-woman.
‘That’s wonderful Gladys! Keep going! Excellent Phyllis, those legs are really straight.’
But if she’d thought the scissors thing was bad, by the time they got to the abdo curls Jill was sure she was going to die. Not only that, either she kept drifting into other people’s ‘space’ or they kept drifting into hers, causing a lot of collisions and submersions and hissed insults.
As the lesson finally drew to a close Jill watched them emerge slowly from the buoyant water, totter up the steps like newborns, arms and legs like sticks, and putter off to the showers like arthritic tortoises. She could scarcely believe this bunch of pathetic creatures were the same lot of beasts she’d spent the last forty minutes with, exchanging sly kicks and punches under the water. She was going to be black and blue tomorrow. And her stomach muscles were on fire.
She was hauling herself out of the water and up the steps when she felt a pinch on her bottom. A decided, deliberate, old-fashioned, good-handful-of-flesh pinch. She turned round, outraged, ready to sock this fighting gran right out of her rose-covered bonnet.
Grandad was grinning up at her, gap-toothed, gold chain glinting in his grey chest hairs.
‘Welcome to wor class, lassie. Fair got a wee stiffie on me just watching yer do them jumps!’
He gave a leer and a wink as she shot up the final steps and made for the showers. What could she do, report him for sexual harassment? He must be at least a hundred and four. He’d never make it to the police station.

Interview with S.L. Stacker, author of Macyn’s Letter

Indie Book Promo is happy to welcome S. L. Stacker to the blog. She’s here to answer some of our questions and to share about her book, Macyn’s Letters. If this book sounds like something you would be interested  in reading, please find some buy links below.


IBP – How would you describe your book in 20 words or less without using the blurb?

S.L. – A woman’s quest to find the man responsible for wreaking havoc on herself and those she loves.


IBP – State a random fact about yourself that would surprise your readers.

S.L. – I was a Sonar Technician in the US Navy.


IBP  – Did you have support at the beginning and/or during your writing?

S.L. – At the beginning of my writing, I was an anonymous fiction blogger. It wasn’t until a few years later that I shared my secret and told my husband. When he learned I had written a couple of stories, he was surprised and has encouraged me since.


IBP – Do you write at a laptop/desktop or do you write freehand?

S.L. – It all depends on my mood. There are days when I prefer sitting at my desk and writing. Some days I move the laptop to the couch or outside, and then there are times I like a nice notebook and pen. The majority of my book, Macyn’s Awakening, was written by hand.


IBP – Why did you choose the genre you write in?

S. L. – I’ve always been fascinated with mysteries and suspense shows. When I watch television, it’s almost a guarantee you’ll find me watching something of that nature. When I began writing, it was natural for me to write something I loved so much.


IBP – What is your writing schedule?

S.L. – I don’t really have a schedule. In fact, when I try to set a schedule, I fail miserably. I try keeping a tablet or notepad with me for when the inspiration hits. I like being prepared.


IBP – Did you do any research before start or during of the writing of the books?

S.L. – Not consciously. I’d have to say all my years of reading books and watching television was my research.


IBP – Your favorite books and author?

S.L. – Robert Jordan’s The Wheel of Time Series is my favorite. The time and devotion he had for this series is amazing, and I can only hope to become half the writer he was.


IBP – How important do you find the communication between you and your readers? Do you reply to their messages or read their reviews?

S.L. – Communication is extremely important between authors and their readers. Readers, like most people, want to be acknowledged and treated nicely. When I receive messages from readers, I always respond. It might not be immediately, but I will get back with them within a day or two, but I confess I try to avoid reading reviews.


IBP  – What are your thoughts on ebooks? (i.e. love them, hate them, wave of the future)

S.L. – I love eBooks, and I think they are a great thing, but I’ll always be in love with an actual hardcover or paperback book. There’s something magical about holding the physical book in your hands.


IBP – What is in the works for you next?

S.L. – My team and I are currently working to republish the third book in my series, Macyn’s Decision. After that, I’ll be working on another romantic suspense series about four sisters.


Macyns-Letter-Cover-eBookA near-death experience at the hands of her husband would cause any woman to cling to her crippling trust issues and dating phobia, and Macyn McIntyre is no exception. Falling into the lap of a sexy stranger may persuade her to change her mind, but before Macyn realizes what’s happening, a second potential love interest is vying for her affections. When a threatening letter turns up in her mailbox, Macyn realizes choosing between two guys is the least of her worries. Abduction, violence, and rescue by an elite squad change the course of her life forever. When she seeks revenge on those who hurt her, she has to decide if she can trust the ones who vow they love her. Will Macyn be able to overcome her past and use their aid in her vendetta, or will she take matters into her own hands?

Macyn’s Letter can be purchased from Amazon and B&N


IMG_0441S.L. Stacker is a romantic suspense author and novelist with Booktrope publishing. She has written and published three books in the Macyn McIntyre series. Her current projects include several fiction novels, but her focus is the Sisters of Summit Bay series—to be published in 2015/2016. When she isn’t throwing her readers for a loop and leaving them wanting more, she can be found relaxing and hanging with her husband, children, and dog.

S.L. can be found:

Blog  |  Twitter  |  Facebook  |  Google+  |  Pinterest  |  Instagram  |  Goodreads



Macyn Marshall swerved in and out of heavy rush hour traffic, praying she would make it to the restaurant on time. She knew it was pointless hoping she could beat her husband, David, but she realized if she played her cards right, and the gas pedal correctly, she could arrive without being terribly late. She cursed when she noticed the orange signs warning of lane closures ahead. She didn’t want to be stuck behind all these cars in the construction traffic, so she accelerated, passing several before she looked into her rearview mirror. At the last possible second, she swerved into the other lane, narrowly missing the front bumper of the car now behind her.
Macyn uttered an apology under her breath, knowing the other driver would never hear it, but it gave her peace of mind to know she had acknowledged her wrongdoing. She hated driving erratically because it always made her nervous, but she hated being late even more. She took a couple of deep, calming breaths. Once she had calmed enough, she decided to give David a courtesy call to inform him she would be a few minutes late. She withdrew her phone from her purse and dialed.
While Macyn listened to David’s phone ring, she asked herself why she hadn’t gone into the city earlier in the day. She had known she would be cutting it close making the trip at this time of day, but she had thought she would be able to pick up her package and be back on the road. She could have sworn the owner of the print shop had told her she would be out of town, but when she entered the store, she realized she had assumed wrong. Eve was standing behind the counter with a warm greeting and smile for her. Every time Macyn went into the shop, she took advantage of the fact her best friend, Eve Bastian, owned the store. She and Eve had known each other since elementary school, but because of their marriages and businesses, they didn’t have ample opportunity to visit often with each other. Macyn’s trips into the store were a good excuse to visit and catch up.
Macyn was brought out of her reminiscing when she heard David’s voice asking her to leave a brief message. She explained she was running behind schedule, but she assured him she would be at the restaurant within ten minutes. Ending the call, she tossed her phone back into the handbag resting on the passenger seat. Instead, it bounced onto the floor, and she tried to reach it, afraid David might call. When she saw she couldn’t, she removed her seatbelt, glanced at traffic, and leaned across until her finger grasped the cellular device. Satisfied, she placed it inside her purse and glanced through the rearview mirror at the beautifully wrapped gift taking up the majority of the back seat.
Macyn had taken the print of David’s favorite baseball stadium she had given him as a wedding gift and had it framed. She had noticed it one day, rolled up in a corner of his office, while cleaning and had decided then she would have it framed and give it to him, along with the season tickets she had purchased, for their one-year wedding anniversary.
The horrible squeal of tires pulled Macyn’s eyes away from the rearview mirror and back to the road before her. One car slid off the edge of the road as a second sped toward her in her own lane of traffic. Everything happened so fast she didn’t have time to react before the other car slammed into hers. The impact sent Macyn’s body sailing through the front windshield—her short twenty-two years flashing before her eyes.

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