Book Promo Feature – Lake of my Heart by Temba Magorimbo

Indie Book Promo is happy to welcome Temba Magorimbo to the blog today. He’s the author of several book and will be sharing about Lake of my Heart. If this  book sounds  like something you would be interested in, find buy links below and pick up a copy or two!

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Lake Of My Heart -A5 BookNaomi is slightly shorter than Thomas with a broad smile and dimples when the mood is upon her. Thomas on his part is taller and broader with a good sense of humour. He used to like her laughter especially when she threw her head up exposing her tender neck. She loved his dance, his jokes and his behaviour when he was walking drunk. Give and take their differences, they are only human beings living in a melting pot of an economy. Their differences seem to be growing now in their marriage. What is wrong with marriage, Thomas constantly asks himself? Is it worth it to call a spade a spade and divorce? Then he checks in his mirror to look at the walking mistakes of broken homes. How will his little children fare without him or their mother? Since both of them are young, they will certainly remarry. One only needs to read the daily newspaper Monday to Friday to find court cases of step parents who have abused their charges. Can they work out their marriage? Thomas starts from the back looking at the days he had dated Naomi to seek and destroy that which causes them to separate. How is he going to deal with her moods, her temper tantrums and his own need to hold the green bottle? With three children, a mortgaged house, both parents having degrees and the economy in free fall, times are tough mentally for both Naomi and Thomas. Can they hold on until the end as the Zimbabwean political circus and national elections collide?

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Author 2004

Temba Magorimbo is an African writer based in his homeland of Zimbabwe here in southern Africa. He writes fiction that is classified as contemporary romance. He works for the government as an accounting assistant. His fiction (print) is on CreateSpace while kindle is on Amazon. His other short fiction pieces are free for sample reading on timbooktu (dot) com and wattpad (dot) com. He grew up in the then Rhodesia during the Ian Smith era when the country was separated on a 3-tier racial system. The racial segregation in Rhodesia resulted in African nationalism which caused the Rhodesian bush war. The effects of the civil war which mainly became serious between 1975 and 1979-80 affects his writing though he was neither a victim or involved. He went to schools segregated by race with his race being the bottom of the tier. He was one of the last group of students who completed seventh grade and were streamed with barely half making it to the next level. His father was a police constable [British South Africa Police] from before he was born, 1960 to 1977. Temba was born on 9 August 1966 in Gwelo (then, now Gweru) which is in the middle of the country where language is influenced by the Karanga to the east, Ndebele to the centre and mainly south and other Shona dialects and cultures.

Book Promo Feature – The Men From Missouri by Van Holt

Indie Book Promo is happy to share about Van Holt’s latest book, The Men From Missouri. If this book sounds like something that you would be interested in reading, please find some buy links below and pick up a copy or two!

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What some reviewers have to say about Van Holt’s writing:  

“Step aside Louis L’Amour, another great Western writer is here…”  –Heather  

“I had a feeling that Van Holt…might actually be the successor to Zane Gray, a master Western storysmith, whose novels set the style of a generation.”  –Stern0  

“Van Holt wants to be LOUIS L’AMOUR when he grows up, well he is. The stories are as action packed and hold a lot of the flavor of the Old West as L’AMOURs did.”     — Annlouise Fallon  

“Van’s style of writing is unique, easy to follow, and fun for his readers to enjoy – just like a western should be!”   –Michael  

“In a way, Van Holt may just be the right person to step into the gigantic shoes of Louis L’Amour.”  –the GreatReads!  


Men from MIssouri cover finalThe Men from Missouri   Dan got to his feet. “Tell me one thing before I go. If you didn’t steal my money, how did Swope get hold of my new carpetbag? He was carryin’ it into your house when I rode out of town that day.” “Why don’t you ask him when he gets back?” “I intend to,” Dan said. “It’s about time me and him had it out.” He turned to find Hump Bagley at the door, making angry growling noises. Dan smiled and drew his gun. “You can have her. You and Swope can fight over her. Now get the hell out of my way before I put a bullet in you.”

The Men from Missouri can be purchased: 

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Three Knolls Pub   |    Van Holt Amazon Author page 

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It is with great sadness that we announce the sudden passing of Van Holt, ‘King of the Hellbound Westerns.’ He has taken the long trail. He passed alone in his Tucson apartment on August 19, 2014, at the age of 72. He had been battling several illnesses that eventually deprived him of his mobility and some of his sharp, witty mind. Van was a very private man and guarded his solitude very zealously. In the last months of his life, he rarely left his apartment. Compelled to finish his last novel? Maybe he felt the end was near. I was privileged to work closely with Van for over five years, bringing to light most of the manuscripts he had written back in the 1980s and some from the 1990s. Though he was somewhat old fashioned and very shy of technology, (he did not have a computer and gave up using a typewriter only because he couldn’t get his repaired) he was excited to learn about getting his works into ebook formats and available on the internet. He often spoke of his desire that his characters, the only children he ever had, would live on in the pages and the minds of his fans and readers. He handed over the manuscript (handwritten) for The Men from Missouri only days before his passing. We honor his last wish in posthumously publishing this last novel from ‘the King of the Hellbound Westerns.’ I, for one, am a better man having known Van Holt. Happy Trails, Van. You will be missed. See y’all on the other side.   Kevin Boerup Managing Editor

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Excerpt from The Men from Missouri by Van Holt The last thing he expected on that quiet Sunday morning was to run into trouble, though he knew Kansas City had a reputation as a rough town. He had promised his dying mother that he would go to church when he could and he was on his way to a small white church he had passed on his way into town the day before. He was wearing his new hat and a dark brown suit she had made for him before she got sick. The bank had taken the farm when she died and he had come to Kansas City to look for a job, riding the red mule he had owned for several years. He had sold the mule for forty dollars, thinking he would not need it anymore. He had already had forty dollars in his pocket. After renting a room and buying the soft felt hat and a few other things, he still had more than sixty dollars left. Since he could live on a few dollars a week, he would not starve if he didn’t find a job for a while. He was a little late and he decided to take a shortcut through an alley littered with trash and junk. Dead leaves drifted down from lonely old trees in a cold wind. A few dogs ran out to bark at him. The ones that were tied barked the loudest and acted like they would eat him alive if they could get loose. The racket of the dogs had probably drawn people to windows to see what they were barking at. Later he wondered about that, wondered if he had been seen by people he hadn’t seen. His name was Dan Booker and he was twenty-five years old. He was tall and lean, with hair the color of pine bark and eyes like blue smoke. He was quiet and calm most of the time, but given to spells of moodiness and depression. He suspected that it was at least partly because the only girl he had ever cared about had married a young man he had never liked. He heard angry voices ahead and soon saw a young man and woman, both huge and fat, violently arguing and shoving each other. The woman was just as big as the man and seemed louder and more aggressive. They stood near the alley, behind a small house with flaking white paint. The young woman slapped the man, yelling even louder at him. He cussed and pulled out a gun, but she slapped it out of his hand. The pistol landed on the ground near Dan Booker, who stopped in his tracks, wishing he had taken a different route. “I’ve got another one, you fat bitch!” the man said, pulling a two-shot derringer from a pocket of his baggy pants. “It don’t scare me neither!” the angry young woman said and tried to grab the small weapon. The derringer barked. The big young woman grunted in surprise and stepped back, gazing down at the spot of blood on her old dress. Then she rolled her eyes at the young man and yelled, “You shot me!” “I’ll shoot you again, too,” the young man said, lifting the derringer in his hand. “Didn’t I say I’d kill you the next time you slapped me?” “Hey, take it easy!” Dan Booker said. “You keep out of this, unless you want me to shoot you,” the young man said. Almost without thinking, Dan bent down to grab the revolver and cocked its hammer as he straightened up. He pointed the gun at the fat young man and said, “Drop it!” Instead of dropping the derringer, the fat young man swung it toward him. Dan squeezed off a quick shot and then fired again when he saw that the young man was still trying to aim the derringer at him. The young man grunted loudly and sat down hard. Dan quickly stepped forward, snatched the derringer out of the man’s hand, and ran down the alley. The fat young woman lay on the ground yelling, “He shot my Gordy! He shot my Gordy!” The preceding was from the gritty western novel The Men from Missouri To keep reading, click or go here: Kindle: Nook: iTunes:

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