Battleground State by Owen Price

The leader of an underground secessionist party known as the Southern Liberation Front, brilliant young radical Thomas Marshall has spent the entirety of his adult life developing a plan to resurrect the Confederate States of America and serve as the sovereign nation’s functional dictator. In order to achieve his goal, Marshall makes a Faustian bargain with Middle Eastern terrorists to conduct a joint campaign of mayhem that will bring the world to the brink of WWIII and destabilize global politics to the point that the American government becomes vulnerable to a coup.

With Marshall’s diabolical ‘Operation Outremer’ set to enter its final phase, the megalomaniacal revolutionary begins violently purging his organization of lackluster members. Shortly thereafter, the dismembered corpses of two dimwitted SLF solders are discovered at the bottom of a crystalline marble quarry in Bradford County, Tennessee by local sheriff Craig Connor.

As the veteran lawman investigates the gruesome double homicide, he begins to unravel the shocking truth behind the SLF and its dangerous leader. Joined in the field by rogue FBI agent Michelle Dobson, Connor soon discovers that the fate of his country and the entire world may depend upon successfully tracking Thomas Marshall down before Operation Outremer reaches its bloody conclusion.

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Owen Price is a Colorado-based writer who has lived all over North America during his three-and-a-half decades of existence. BATTLEGROUND STATE is his first published novel.

Owen can be found on Twitter, Facebook and Goodreads