No Angels by Eli Hinze

Liz Patrona never expected to lose her normal life completely. She never expected that people’s memories of her would vanish, or that all records of her existence would disappear. She never expected to be stolen away to a city beneath the desert. And she definitely never expected to be told she was the God-chosen barrier between the common man and paranormal threats.

Liz is a teenager perfectly happy with her mediocrity. That is, before she’s taken by a peculiar group of people and forced into a role she never imagined– and definitely doesn’t want. Distinguishing illusion from reality, realizing her abilities as a pyrokinetic, and keeping other-worldly objects from the hands of normal folk are only some of the things that await her. Prepared for this by her new mentor, a rude, possibly sadistic, but oddly attracting man, Liz braces herself for what is to come. But many an unknown thing lurks here, and what she doesn’t know may just kill her.

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Eli is the YA author of the NO ANGELS trilogy, as well as the short stories THE STOLEN SUN and WHERE GOLD IS BORN. Her work has been featured in the Sagebrush Review, and she has received an Honorable Mention from the Writers of the Future Contest.

Eli Hinze is a university student born and raised in Texas. Reared with a love of fiction, she has been constantly reading stories as well as creating them throughout her life. When she’s not writing, Eli likes to cook, study foreign language, exercise, force cats to snuggle with her, and (of course) read.

Her fourth novel, a YA standalone, is currently in the works.

Eli can be found on here Website, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Goodreads