The Erotic Odyssey of Colton Forshay by James H Longmore

Colton Forshay dreams himself into a bizarre sexual dystopia, a world in which nothing is as it should be. Sickening sex acts and sexual violence are the norm and in which the currency is deviant sexual acts. At first disturbed, then intrigued – and aroused – by his dreams of this other world, Colton is drawn deeper in and begins to spend more and more time there; so much so that his wife forces him to visit a psychiatrist. The psychiatrist encourages him to explore the dream world – and our hero goes on an odyssey with his dog/son, Eric, to discover the disturbing truth behind his dream world.

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James hails originally from Yorkshire, England having relocated with his family to Houston, Texas in 2010. He has an honors degree in Zoology and a background in sales, marketing and business. He is relatively new to the writing arena, having only begun in earnest a few years ago.
James is an Affiliate Member of the Horror Writers Association
‘‘Pede’ (skin-crawling, creature horror: Black Bed Sheet Books).
‘The Erotic Odyssey of Colton Forshay’ (bizarro fantasy horror; HellBound Books).
‘And Then You Die’ (grotesque horror/bizarro/dark comedy; J Ellington Ashton, Summer 2016).
‘Flanagan’ (psychosexual horror; Sinister Grin Press, 2017).
‘Buds’ (horror/Sci-Fi; Morbid Books, 2016).
‘Feeder’ (horror, HellBound Books, Fall 2016)
‘I Am Joe’s Unwanted Penis’ (JBP Fall 2016)
Short Stories:
‘Winning & Losing’ (‘The Ripple Effect’ anthology;Horrified Press, Feb 2016).
‘Road Trip Bingo’ (‘Bumps in the Road’ anthology;Black Bed Sheet Books, April 2016).
‘The Five Towns Pageant’ (‘Full Moon Slaughter’ anthology; J Ellington Ashton, Halloween 2016).
‘Zombie Hooker: A Love Story’ (‘Carnival of Gore’ anthology; Fat Lip Press 2016).
‘Snuffed: Fifty Shades of F****d Up’ (‘Rejected for content IV’ anthology; J Ellington Ashton, 2016)
‘Trophy Wife’ (The Creeps magazine, fall 2016).
‘A Proud Father’ (Campfire Creepy Quarterly 6, EMP Publishing, April 20 2017)
‘First Impressions’ (Black Candy, JBP, Halloween 2016)
‘Mumble Trimmings and the Peculiar Case of the Reverse Pedophiles’ (Splat 3, JEA, Winter 2016)
James’ writing style has been described as uncompromising, unique and entertaining; he combines highly original ideas with brilliant vocabulary and highly effective yarn spinning in which the story always comes first! Be warned, his work does have a tendency towards the dark side – usually with a rich vein of humor – and there is always a delicious twist at the end!

James can be found on his Website and Twitter