Star Bridge by Jay Toney

Captain Roberts has left the comfort of the Hades System. He is racing towards the Antares System and the Star Bridge. Only a few refugees were at Hell Station. Most went their own ways or settled on the system’s planets.
Captain Roberts has come across some derelict ships that might help him build his fleet. First, he will have to deal with the sirens guarding the ships. He will also have to defeat slavers, who have taken an interest in his small fleet.
Persephone, his ship’s AI is more than she thought. According to Astrea, she may even be a goddess. Nathaniel has also undergone some changes after visiting a system populated with cyborgs. He questions what he has become; is he still human, or has he become a machine.
The Ancient Greek Gods have taken an interest in him. They are watching him carefully, occasionally interfering, during his quest for the Star Bridge.
This chronicle in Nathaniel’s life contains a prolog to bring the reader up to date, so the story may be read independently of the other books. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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The first book I purchased was Voyage into Nowhere by James Wood. This got me hooked on reading fiction. Later I read horror books about Dracula. I ventured to Science Fiction & Fantasy, reading books by Robert Heinlein, Jerry Pournelle, Piers Anthony, and much more. I have read thousands of books, by various authors over the years.
As well as becoming an avid reader, I was also enthused by aircraft. I joined the USAF at 17 and became an aircraft mechanic. I worked on the F-4 Phantom II, the T-38, the F-16, and the F-117A. I am a veteran of Desert Shield and Desert Storm. I separated after 11 years with a knee injury. I couldn’t rely on my knee to give me the stability to walk on the odd angles and narrow ledges, of the aircraft I loved to work on any longer.
While in college, I use to torment my English teacher. I found out she had an avid fear of death and turned and twisted all of my writing to that subject. Anything she told me not to do I did, just to show her I could. I spent two semesters tormenting her and got top grades and praises from her. While in college I found another passion. I loved ancient history, especially concerning long past civilizations.
After reading what must amount to be thousands of books, I decided to turn my hand to writing. I am working on my third novel and enjoying every minute of it. I have Ideas for several adventures and I am eager to bring them to life.

Jay can be found on Twitter, Facebook & Website