The Muse: A Novel of Unrelenting Terror by Arjay Lewis

Famed novelist Jack Court has a secret: the wealthy writer is a serial killer. He has another hidden treasure, a small antediluvian creature that dwells within him and gives him youth, strength and a superhuman ability to avoid capture. On his trail is Sheriff Neil Trajan, who is certain Court murdered his wife three years earlier.
When the author is hit by a careless driver, the creature leaves him and through a series of events, ends up with lowly writer, Harold Godwine. Godwine begins to write faster and better, but is troubled by dreams of blood.
However, Jack is healing— and devolving into something not quite human. As Court seeks the young author, he leaves a trail of destruction, pursued by Trajan and his FBI associate, Bill Morris.
Will Jack Court do anything to retrieve the companion that inspires his dark desires?

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Arjay Lewis, also known as R.J. Lewis, is an award-winning author of novels and screenplays. His stories have been included in the anthology THE ULTIMATE HALLOWEEN, and have appeared in H.P. LOVECRAFT MAGAZINE OF HORROR and WEIRD TALES. He is also represented by stories in SHERLOCK HOLMES MAGAZINE, including the Siger Holmes adventure series to be published in 2017.
His screenplay for DUMMY (co-written with Pamela Wess) won First Place in the Garden State Film Festival for 2017 and 4th place in the 2016 85th Annual Writer’s Digest Competition for Screenplay/Television.

Arjay can be found on his Website, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+