To Step into the Darkness by Annin Brothers

Two young men, a university student and his best friend, a natural-born auto mechanic, driven by a desire to unravel the mystery of the bewildering notes in the diary of a scientist who had died in suspicious circumstances, took a step into the blackness of a cleft in the space in front of them, towards the unknown. Being close to death, the grandfather of one of them gave his grandson a wad of paper. The guys were to learn what was inside the wad eight years later. The eerie thing with its weird properties took them into a World that was beyond the borderline of accessibility, a World at once incredibly far-off and quite close-by, a World in which: ‘All traffic came to a standstill for a moment. Everyone was looking into the distance and their next moment was there. A black dot had appeared in the sky over Lake Lefend. It soon grew to a hairy stain as if some blotting paper had been applied to it, the paper having been consumed outright. And another, and another . . . The stain was enormous, its greedy belly bloated with all that blotting paper, and rolled out of the depths of the sky as a black bundle, solid and sinewy. The bundle was grasping whatever came its way and winding it about it: parcels of forest, hills, lakes, meadows, villages. It seemed to be devouring the very space and light and informed them. The bundle was incredible and uncontrollable. At its sight, trepidation and paralysis took over the will and flesh that was known as ‘humanity.’ Then everyone was enveloped by thick blackness, not only visible but also palpable skin-wide that inspired a very special horror that one had to deal with one-to-one over the last moments.’

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Twins by birth. Gemini by jest of the stars. We didn’t reinvent the wheel. Fragmentary memories of a certain placeless place (it can be found neither on maps of the Earth nor in anyone’s mind) irritated us from time to time. One day those memories became the starting point for writing To Step into the Darkness.