Savage Isle: Beautiful Isolated Deadly by Beverley Scherberger

Carl and Laralee and their team of scientists are hired by the Spanish government to develop a highly secret, revolutionary serum. Their goal—to create an army of carnivorous monkeys that would give Spain an indisputable advantage over its enemies. They succeed beyond their wildest dreams. However, greatly increased intelligence is an unexpected side effect that causes serious complications. The beasts are thinking, reasoning, and increasingly dangerous.

After one death and several serious attacks on workers, the scientific team is relieved to learn their request to move the facility to a larger island with more security and built-in safeguards is approved.

While awaiting news of a moving date, additional experiments with orangutans prove successful as well. James and Julie, the most advanced, skilled, and lovable of the facility’s apes, have mated. Will they produce the amazingly intelligent offspring the team expects?

During the facility’s relocation, a terrible storm wreaks havoc with their plans and the new island turns out to be anything but a safe haven. Carl and Laralee, Doc Gustav and Teresa, and the rest of the team battle for survival against their own nightmarish creations.

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When Beverley Scherberger’s sixth-grade English teacher introduced the class to short stories, she was hooked. She knew that writing something others enjoyed reading would—in some way—play a big part in her life. She loved writing essays, term papers, research papers—all those things that made other students groan with trepidation.

She attended college at the age of 40 and threw herself back into academia with a passion. More papers! More writing!

When she graduated from Miami University of Ohio, summa cum laude, with a BA in communication, she began writing press releases, feature articles, and arts & entertainment pieces for a variety of venues. Friends and family urged her to write a book, but she enjoyed the shorter, jump-in-and-get-it-done articles as well as the monthly column she handled for a year.

Upon retirement, she moved to a small town in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador, South America, where she joined the local writers group and found the support, encouragement, and time she needed to make that leap into fiction. And she was hooked again!

Now, with six self-published books under her belt, she’s found her niche—action-adventure-thrillers.

In her spare time, she enjoys horseback riding, making jewelry, and reading by the fire with her beloved kitty Squeak. She welcomes reader contact through her website,

Beverley can be found on her Website and Facebook