Olivia’s Double Rainbow

Four years ago, college graduates Olivia Parker and Eugene Blankenship cemented their relationship in marriage, and recently quit their professional jobs to invest in a restaurant in a thriving upper-middle class community. Olivia’s participation as a mentor to teenagers in her church program is having devastating results: she increasingly feels guilty and hypocritical because she has a hidden past that could end her marriage. When Eugene discovers the truth, he walks out on Olivia and demands a divorce. Shattered, Olivia seeks love and support from Brandon West, ironically the man who months before robbed the Blankenship’s restaurant with a gun. When Eugene returns to re-unite with Olivia, Brandon West declares that he is the better man!

JANE ELTON (writer.janeelton@gmail.com) retired from the University of California, Berkeley after more than twenty years. Her employment history includes real estate and the pharmaceutical industry. She became interested in writing after several years of critiquing English Literature for students, and preparing administrative reports for general and academic staff. She is currently the author of eight novels and one weight-control book. Get her book Olivia’s Double Rainbow here!