The 11th Inkblot by J. Herman Kleiger

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The 11th Inkblot invites the reader to become a passenger on a moving interpretive journey of loss, madness, acceptance, and redemption. In this historical fiction, with hints of magical realism, Kleiger treats us to a psychologically-textured coming of age mystery, enmeshed with unexplained family alienation, childhood grief, trauma of war, and a search for connections.

“Spellbindingly measured narrative that entertains and enthralls…A unique and captivating story of a young mind torn between science and art…engrossing debut novel by Kleiger.”
—Kirkus Reviews

About the Author:
Born and raised in Colorado, Jim Kleiger graduated from Harvard and the University of Denver, before serving as a psychologist in the Navy. For much of his career at the Menninger Clinic in Topeka, KS, and later in his Maryland private practice, he was writing – first clinical reports, then journal articles, and eventually professional books. A clinical psychologist and psychoanalyst, his major works include Disordered Thinking and The Rorschach, 1999; Assessing Psychosis, with Ali Khadivi, 2015; and Rorschach Assessment of Psychotic Phenomena, 2017. The 11th Inkblot is Jim’s first novel.

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