Swipe Right

She Said Yes.

To one dating app party.
To a one-night stand.
To no strings attached.

Then the strings got tangled, because his strings were already tied…

To a woman staring back from the photo.
To a woman being proposed to.
To a photo with the caption…

She Said Yes!

Sadie is a Haribo Gummy Candy Whore & foul-mouthed writer of smexy times and characters who typically have immature and inappropriate humor. Yes, this is a reflection of her. She can only hope you respect her in the morning, but doesn’t expect it.

At some point, she may offend you. Yes, she realize this and own it. Trying to change this outcome has proved futile in the past. It’s best to just let her trashy mouth weed out the classy folk. Everyone is better off that way.

So, if you like cursing, laugh at fart jokes, and can handle her bi-curious tendencies, then join her:


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