Headgames I Fates and Fairies

This story is about Benjamin Gray, a twelve year old boy who has lived in fear most of his life. He has managed to smile and put one foot in front of the other despite his strong suspicions that this year may be his last. Sadly, he has good reason for his fears. He has more than a few relatives with rather scary plans for him. He is also about to meet the Fates, the three creatures that the Gods of old feared.

That will be just the beginning. Ben will soon have to contend with Goblins, manage Fairies and compete with Daemons.

Despite the odds, Ben has a strong advantage. The Fates are on his side.

Robert David Strawn has at times been a camp counselor, cook, waiter, laborer, carpenter, welder, paper boy, bartender, bar manager, programmer, repairman, lily wrangler, technician, analyst, and coordinator.

Robert lives in Texas, and when he is not working or writing, he gardens and does woodworking.

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