A Life Stage Soundcheck

What is Carla doing?

Carla Cafaro is going to work as a debt collector. Carla Cafaro is doodling mindless lyrics

in her notebook. Carla Cafaro is killing time with her friends, Summer and Jas. Carla Cafaro passes out in her studio apartment every night, wakes up the next morning, and continues to sleep walk through life.

While chasing after people for money they don’t have isn’t exactly her passion, it pays the bills. Besides, it’s been a while since she’s been able to do what she once loved- put her pen to paper and write a song. Out of inspiration, this all changes when Nico enters the picture. The presence of one person forces Carla to reexamine her life, the things she had thought she loved, and the sacrifices that she had once made.

Carla has been waiting. Waiting for a career, waiting for love, waiting for her passion to come alive. Nico isn’t perfect, but for the first time in ages, Carla feels something strong enough to write about. Though fearing the romantic mistakes of her past, Carla face-plants forward despite what her gut instincts tell her.

Born and raised in Massachusetts, Rachel Veznaian attended the University of Massachusetts Amherst, where she majored in English. After school, she returned to Boston, where she now lives, works, and writes. Find Rachel on her website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

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