The Redemption of Anaìr

There are those who would say that Anaìr Torgayl is unworthy of the office of Chief Warden. A philanderer, an alcoholic and an aspiring painter from a household in disgrace are not the qualities which his folk normally seek in a War Leader. But darker than the rumours which follow Anaìr are his deeds in battle and his actions in previous conflicts. Indeed, it is Anaìr’s past experiences which bear partial responsibility as to why he behaves the way that he does and why he paints out his anguish. Surely, one would ask: “how can a man who has found no peace within himself possibly aspire to restore peace to his homeland?” Yet when the odds are severely stacked up against the Solati people, it will take a steady combination of both courage, tenacity and creativity to stem the tide of invading Orvinarr warriors who have defiled the Sacred Motherland with their presence.”The Redemption of Anaìr” is an expressive and vivid tale which paints with words one man’s quest for deliverance.

Alexander Findlay was born in Durban, South Africa in 1985. He graduated from the University of KwaZulu Natal with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science with majors in Linguistics and French. Throughout his life, Alex has always been passionate about literature and history and is himself an avid reader of fantasy and historical fiction, amongst other genres. Alex currently resides in Israel with his wife and two children where he works full time as a photographer, writer and editor. If you enjoy Alex’s writing and wish to read more by this author as he progresses in the craft, you can follow him on his website: You can also find Alexander on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Goodreads

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