Missunderstanding- My Thread

In the male talent agency run by two women, Hana Fukuhara and Megumi Shimada, many strict rules have to be obeyed. Some of them are hard to follow. No relationships. No sexual activities. Not even self-stimulation.

Kenta Yamamura is somehow always dragged into forbidden encounters with other boys. His inability to say no causes him a lot of troubles. He does want to be faithful because he has a partner he loves more than anything in the world. His partner is Hana Fukuhara. This is a secret. But… Kenta has more secrets. One of them is…

Masato Suto is a very busy and hard-working talent. For him, friendship is one of the most important features in life. But… because of his violent deeds it slowly crashes, leaving him frustrated and lost. If his girlfriend was aware of what he did… He has to keep it as a secret forever. She can’t know that he…

Shunji Nishimura is a confident and bold boy who isn’t afraid of crossing boundaries. He thinks that rules are meant to be broken. Having fun in life, that’s what’s important. But… he has to carry some dark secret with him. In the past, he…

Emotions. Passion. Sex. Lust. Fetish. SECRETS.

Love treads hand in hand with loath. If this is a contest, which will cross the finish line first? A draw is impossible. There can be only one winner. Do you want to find out who is victorious? Open the book, check page by page. Ah, you say you already know the answer because good always overcomes evil. Hmm… did we mention this book was a fairytale? No? Yes? So many pages… that we forgot… Will you help us to remember?

Is that all? No! That’s not all. Entertaining means bringing up more so everyone could feel pleased. Check the pure comedy parts!

The two youngest boys who are just on the threshold of adulthood are completely clueless when it comes to ‘these stuff’. It causes a lot of comic situations based on double meanings.

Doggy is passionately in love with Hana and always tries to gain her affection, but is he constantly failing. Hana-san just detests all furry creatures. He, of course, doesn’t find it deterring since his little heart has already been sold.

Secrets are wretched moments that leave us restless as long as someone else finds them out. Are human beings eager to reveal the secrets themselves? No. After all, we are all scared of the consequences. Besides, isn’t it just


Two completely different persons have connected. But… they have never seen each other in person. Even more, they have never spoken to each other. Then how? How did it start? The Internet was so generous to let them find each other. They met here, online. Among the millions of users, their IP addresses linked up to detect similarities. Two completely different persons melded with the same interest: writing. And then the exchange of words began. A small trickle became a stream, and then a river, and finally an ocean of letters forming words. When the sun rises, Vera writes. When the sun goes down, Bevin takes over. Work put in unceasing motion so the books could come to light. Silence and noise are joined to create a perfect symphony.

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